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Voyage India is a division of Intersky Travel which is being established in Montreal, QC, Canada for over 18 years, OPC certified and IATA Accredit. It’s a full service retail and wholesale travel company. VoyageIndia.ca created to offer clients fulfilling vacations of India, as we hear it from all it’s a dream destination. Lots of detailing requires when you travel that far, our knowledge and care will give you this dream vacation they way you have always dreamed of traveling to India.

Reservations, cancellations and other rules


When booking with VOYAGES INTERSKY TRAVELS INC. (Herein called InterSky) the travel agent and the customer agree to the terms of this brochure. Reading and understanding of these regulations is required before booking. Once the reservation is made, the following conditions have been accepted and implemented. The travel agent acts as the law agent for the passenger.


A 25% deposit is required when booking.


The final payment is required 45 days before the departure date and immediately if booked less than 45 days before departure. If the final payment is not made before the deadline, InterSky reserves the right to cancel the trip and claim the applicable penalties.


InterSky strongly recommends customers to take full travel insurance from their travel agent or on our website (www.interskytravel.com). InterSky is not responsible for cancellation during medical cause, for breakage or loss of luggage or any other circumstances.


In case of cancellation, the travel agent should be immediately notified. The cancellation fee will be applied from the date of receipt of notice of cancellation by InterSky, as follows:

  • -Initial deposit 100% non-refundable
  • -50% of the total amount between 45 and 90 days before the departure date
  • -100% of the total amount + taxes if less than 45 days before the departure date
  • -19 Voyageinde.ca All of our prices is in CAD including all government and hotel service taxes.


An additional 7% charge will be added if: A change of destination, date of departure or return (unless another imposition by the government). In the event of a change to the route requires additional documents and that deadlines are too short to obtain these documents, the passenger has the choice of:

  • - Accepting change as proposed;
  • - Select alternative offered by InterSky as available and the offer price.
  • - Completely undo his trip with a full refund by InterSky amounts already paid.
  • - Gratuities for service provided on a personal basis.
  • - Meals other than specified.
  • - Excess baggage charges.

InterSky will not disburse any compensation due to war, threat of war, riot, civil peace disturbance, terrorism, industrial disputes, natural disasters, nuclear or weather, fires, epidemics or health risks, transportation technical problems such problems mechanical, weather, governmental actions, closure or congestion of airports or any other event beyond our control.


Any changes made by the agent and / or the passenger is subject to penalty of 100% cancellation fee up to 14 days before departure. All changes are at the discretion of InterSky and are subject to the price of new replacement products chosen during the initial booking. PRICES: Unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). Prices are those valid at the me of booking and InterSky reserves the right to change without notice or, where appropriate, add the taxes imposed by the government. Prices are based on the service providers, the exchange rate, the cost of fuel, taxes and other fees in effect at the time of posting on the website or as offered in branches. Prices may be changed at any me and for different reasons, and without notice.


InterSky accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards, for a fee of 3%. The verbal authorization by the customer to use a credit card indicates that he accepts the conditions of this brochure and confirms the reservation, even if the required documents are not signed.


A passport valid 6 months after the date of return is mandatory for all passengers. It is the passenger's responsibility to obtain, at its expense, all documentation required by the relevant government authorities. Immigration officials, airlines and customs may refuse entry to the passenger or the release of their country for any circumstance. InterSky is not responsible and will not reimburse money if you are missing documents upon departure. It is also the responsibility of the passenger to obtain information relevant to such travel schedules, flights, visas, tourist cards and hotels. InterSky can assist you in your efforts, without additional cost.


Tickets will be issued on site three weeks before departure if full payment is made. If final payment has not been received 8 days before departure, InterSky reserves the right to deliver the tickets by other means, a pickup in our office by the client or a pickup at the airport. It is the responsibility of the agent as well as the customer to ensure that the information taken during the reservations are the same as passport and identification papers. In the case of loss or theft of tickets before departure, InterSky will impose fees of $ 10.00 per ticket reprint, per passenger. InterSky cannot be held responsible nor will reimburse the customer for poorly completed tourist card, misplaced, lost or stolen.


Luggage is subject to the regulations of the airlines for the amount, size and weight. The airline reserves the right, for any additional baggage that agreed regulations or reject them or to charge additional fees. The customer is invited to consult the regulations for baggage the airline with which they will travel. InterSky cannot be held liable for baggage lost, damaged, delayed or stolen nor for any missing item. Luggage is the responsibility of the airline. If you encounter a problem with your luggage, you are asked to contact directly with the airline representative. If you omit this step, you will have no recourse and cannot make any claim to the airline. This is one of the reasons why we strongly suggest that you obtain comprehensive travel insurance.


All hotels and accommodations are subject to the maintenance and renovation of buildings. InterSky cannot be held liable for any disruption or inconvenience whatsoever during your stay and would be due to one or other of these reasons. InterSky undertakes to inform you of any situation in which we would have been informed prior to departure.


At the time of publishing, InterSky confirms that the descriptions and illustrations of this brochure are accurate. By cons, unexpected changes or modifications may have been made, which would affect the relevance of the information in this brochure. InterSky is not liable for errors, omissions or misprints. With time, some hotels / accommodations may have made changes in the service of the building without informing InterSky. If, however, we were informed of such changes prior to your departure, we would notify you immediately. The photos published in this brochure are intended only as an illustration of the place, as these establishments offer rooms with sets, various sizes and locations.


It is understood that any programs or services which may be used or given as a result of weather conditions or circumstances beyond the control of InterSky will not be refunded. InterSky shall be liable to excursions sold since it does not operate them. The excursions described in each destination are for informational purposes only. InterSky is not responsible for portions of unused travel. Customer choice not to follow the established route may result in loss of enjoyment that will not be reimbursed by InterSky.


nterSky cannot be held liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, me, loss of use of any nature whatsoever against the passenger and / or traveling companions, group or member of a group resulting from situations beyond the control of InterSky and / or its suppliers for