To the world of many cultural contrasts,the land of Maharajas is nowthe world’s biggest democracy. Withthis change, the legacy of royals hasnever faded, in fact this transition hascreated a whole new perspectivewhere Royals continue to enjoy itslifestyle by showcasing their legacy tothe world. We bring you the royal tourof India to give you the taste of theluxurious lifestyle which was oncereserved exclusively for royalty.

Our special concierges engage with youright from the beginning, from theselection of your hotel, its room, thebed, fine dining, spas and so on. Our most experienced driverswith top notch transportation will be atyour service along with a national guide who willuncover all the mysteries and enrichyou with in-depth knowledge of thiswonderful country.We know you valuecomfort & luxury above all when travelingand this is our highest priority to look after every little detail to crate everlasting memories of your royal tour.


Per person including all accommodation in a 5 star plus luxury Hotels & Resorts.
Have your own private driver and guides throughout.
International or Domestic flights not included.





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1 Delhi The Leela Palace
2 Delhi The Leela Palace
3 Jaipur Oberoi Rajvilas
4 Jaipur Oberoi Rajvilas
5 Agra Oberoi AMARVILAS
6 Gurgaon Oberoi Gurgaon
7 Delhi

  1. Day 01 Delhi -

    The tour manager will receive you and escort you to the LEELA PALACE hotel where a warm & traditional welcome is waiting to greet you. The Leela Palace New Delhi stands majestically at Chanakyapuri, in close proximity to the Diplomatic Enclave. The Leela Palace New Delhi represents the magnificent architecture, grace and elegance of Lutyen’s Delhi. It is sure to wow you right from the entrance. Your room is ready for check-in and for an absolutely good night.

  2. Day 02 Delhi -

    Enjoy a tour of the highlights of both New and Old Delhi with our expert guide, lots of free time to stroll around and for some shopping.

  3. Day 03 Jaipur -

    Leisurely drive to Jaipur, where a pre check-in is already been taken care at one of the most prestigious name in the luxury accommodation of Jaipur the Oberoi Rajvilas, enjoy the abundance of luxury for the rest of the day later a table is being reserved for your fine dining of your choice.

  4. Day 04 Jaipur -

    Jaipur is one of India’s most vibrant and exotic destinations, climb a hill on an elephant to visit the Amber Fort, afternoon visit Jaipur City where you can explore the incredibly colourful markets and bazaars.

  5. Day 05 Agra -

    Today after breakfast drive towards Agra to visit the most romantic wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal. Follow this with a visit to the magnificent Agra Fort and a night at The Oberoi AMARVILAS with its panoramic views of Taj. Each of the room affords uninterrupted views of this most beautiful monument of love.
    Special note: Highly recommended the stunning early morning viewing of Taj, little uncomfortable to wake up this early but it will be a pleasure to arrange it for you.

  6. Day 06 Gurgaon -

    Departure from Agra will be around late afternoon to reach Delhi at a decent time, check in at the Oberoi Gurgaon hotel, there still be a plenty of time left to plan a great evening at this very vibrant Gurgaon, a cyber hub, an emerging cosmopolitan city. And its unlimited fine dining options will sure to delight your taste buds.

  7. Day 07 Delhi -

    The morning today is absolutely free, late checkout will be arranged; still you will have lots of time before your flight. You can use this free time for last minute shopping by visiting some of Asia’s biggest mall where most international brands are sold. Later, a room for wash & change will be available and a chauffeur will be standing by to drop you to the airport for your onward journey.


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Manvar Camp
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Umaid Bhavan Palace
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Mihir Garh fort Palace

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Raas Devigarh Palace
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Taj Lake Palace
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The Oberoi Vanayavilas

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All our suggested itineraries are being carefully crafted not only to save you money but also let you experience its vibrant, colourful, rich traditional and culture in well timely manner. Of course each one of us has its own vision and inspirations which can create wonders too. So let you creative self be free and let’s put our heads together to create a wonderful itinerary just for you. From your perspective and our reach it’s all possible.


The Rajmahal cruises throughout the year, and you can experience the superb cruise from Calcutta to Farakka on the lower Ganges


We can tailor an itinerary to include extra nights in Delhi, or perhaps continue your journey into Rajasthan or other parts of India